Vacation fun

Go to all destinations with your underwater scooter

Cabin Baggage Compatible

Do you like to travel without clutter? It's perfect. Our scooters are accepted in cabin baggage

Make the most

Removable battery, fast charger, enjoy your moments of happiness as long as possible...

Immortalize your exploits

Keep track of all your dives and share your souvenir videos and photos with your friends - the next social media star is you!

Our two-engine underwater scooters

From the swimming pool to scuba diving...

Exploration and discovery without the fuss!

underwater scooter

Sublue Mix Pro

Mix Pro, the ultimate underwater scooter. Agile and powerful, the Mix Pro is the legacy of years of research and experience.
underwater scooter

Sublue Navbow - underwater scooter

With the Navbow, Sublue has struck a big blow by creating this high-end underwater scooter at an unbeatable price. Its maneuverability and manufacturing quality make it a machine that can be used by everyone: children and adults alike, and this in the sea, in lakes and in swimming pools of all sizes. Easily transportable (3.4kg without the battery) with...
underwater scooter

Sublue Navbow+

NAVBOW+ is the evolution of the Navbow scooter by offering new functionalities to the amateurs of diving with an underwater scooter.

The WhiteShark Tini Universe

This small thruster adapts entirely to your needs.

Modular according to your activity

Which scooter is for you?

Not everyone has the same needs, even when it comes to an underwater scooter. So which one is right for you?

Want to explore the seabed and meet the fish? Or do you prefer to do beautiful pirouettes? Or both?  

Are your children bored, are you looking for a new activity for them? and if you opt for an underwater scooter? 

Do you want new equipment for your scuba diving, or to make your freediving easier? Or do you want to do underwater photography?

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in France on all our underwater scooters

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Your kids will love you!

A motorized kickboard perfectly suited to children who cannot swim. But not only...

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