Sublue WhiteShark Mix
Sublue WhiteShark Mix
Sublue WhiteShark Mix
Sublue WhiteShark Mix
Sublue WhiteShark Mix
Sublue WhiteShark Mix
Sublue WhiteShark Mix
Sublue WhiteShark Mix
Sublue WhiteShark Mix
Sublue WhiteShark Mix
Sublue WhiteShark Mix
Sublue WhiteShark Mix
Sublue WhiteShark Mix
Sublue WhiteShark Mix

Sublue WhiteShark Mix

Underwater scooter Sublue WhiteShark Mix

  • White
  • Space blue
  • Aqua Blue
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Expected delivery date : 26/07/2024

Essential accessories


WhiteShark Mix / Mix Pro battery

WhiteShark Mix / Mix Pro battery

Quick Charger WhiteShark Mix /Mix Pro

Quick Charger WhiteShark Mix /Mix Pro

Silicone grease tube

Silicone grease tube


Incredible power-to-size ratio for this underwater scooter very appreciated in the world of diving and snorkeling. Very easy to handle and very light its weight makes it accessible to all members of the family. Children and parents alike will have a great time. This small underwater thruster will allow you to explore the seabed as you have never done before.
Already endowed with a great autonomy, the battery of the Mix can be changed in less than 20 seconds and with a second battery you can double the pleasure!
Acceleration is progressive so there is no jolt, it's all smooth and it is particularly appreciated by children and people discovering the product. No need to be a sportsman to use scooters, all generations of a family can use it.

How to make beautiful underwater photos and videos?
It's very simple, all scooters are equipped with a camera support like the go pro. With this kind of camera you will be able to film the fishes, the seabed or the swimmers who accompany you. You can also buy an arm that will deport the camera and will allow you to make beautiful selfies for your instagram or facebook account. A little advice underwater: you need to have the widest possible field of view of your camera (wide or wide mode) because the water reduces the field of view by 30% and therefore the images often do not correspond to what you saw during the dive.

How can a small underwater scooter be so powerful?
At first glance the new generation of water scooter may look like a gadget especially when you are used to the old single propeller scooters, which weigh more than 10kg and take up an incredible amount of space. Sublue has invented the double motor scooter, two small propellers that are more efficient than one big propeller that will turn slower. It should not be forgotten that in water the weight of a body is not the same and therefore does not need as much force as on land. Simply point the electric scooter downwards and it will immediately be directed towards the bottom of the sea or a pool. Its power/speed/size ratio is unbeatable, hence the worldwide success of this underwater propeller that fits in a beach bag or your carry-on luggage if you're flying on vacation.

Do you need fins and a mask and snorkel to use the thruster?
We are often asked this question and for the mask or goggles yes it is highly recommended because the speed of the scooter makes it difficult to see underwater without eye protection. For a short use and by staying close to the surface it can be done but it is not comfortable. For snorkeling it's a matter of habit, the snorkel allows him not to need to take his head out of the water to breathe so you constantly enjoy the spectacle offered but be careful with the water that can come in very easily if you are not used to it. For the flippers it is not necessary at all the scooter is very powerful and therefore you don't need to flipper to have fun. Freedivers are used to using fins, it helps to find the balance to do static underwater.

Minimum age
465 x 230 x 230 mm
3,7 Kg
Max speed
5,4 km/h
Max depth
25 mn
Sound level
70 db
Loading time
605 g
1 year for the scooter and 6 months for the battery

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