Sublue Navbow Underwater Scooter


Sublue Navbow sport scooter delivered with its case, the battery charger, a 158 Wh battery, a safety leash, weights.

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The Sublue Navbow is the underwater scooter that suits all users!

The beginner can have fun and discover incredible sensations of speed and glide. Moving through the water so fast without making the slightest effort and therefore without getting tired allows you to take full advantage of the scooter to play in the pool and in the sea. Perfect for fun and perfect for snorkeling. The 3 speeds of the aquatic machine make it accessible to all.

The most athletic and good swimmers as well as snorkelers will be able to go down quickly to explore the sea bed, there too the comfort and the speed of the Navbow propeller allow to stay longer underwater and therefore to cover greater distances under the surface of the water.

Members of scuba diving clubs will be able to descend to 40 meters without making the slightest effort and thus consume a minimum of air. The Navbow can accommodate the Underwater Light Pack which includes a dedicated photography platform that allows you to attach all kinds of waterproof housings and powerful, compact LED lights (like the Navbow). 

The Navbow Sublue is a top of the line sea scooter that comes in a case that ensures perfect protection and convenient portability. This case protects against the shocks on the boats of diving with the bottles for example. It can store two batteries and other accessories such as the charger, a safety leash and weights for ballasting if needed, depending on your preferences and needs.

All Sublue underwater scooters allow the attachment of sports and action cameras, which is convenient for keeping incredible vacation memories. Batteries are accepted as carry-on luggage, so consider taking your scooter to the beach or to a villa with a nice pool. 

The Navbow is a scooter connected to your smartphone, you can start an automatic cleaning cycle with the SublueGo app.

Width: 486mm

Length: 327mm

Height: 177mm

weight: 3.4 Kg (without battery)


1m / s in standard speed

1.5m / s in speed Sport

2m / s in Turbo speed

Autonomy :

75mn in standard speed about

30 mn in Sport speed about

10mn in Turbo speed + 15 mn Sport

Lithium battery of 158 Wh (1.1 Kg)

Delivered with :

- A transport case

- The 220v charger

- The battery of 158 Wh,

- The security cordon

- D-shaped diving transport loop

- Counterweight support with 3 pellets

Options :

- Fast Charger 

- Underwater photography platform

- Dedicated waterproof backpack.