The sublue Mix Pro is the underwater scooter for all activities.


Mix Pro, the ultimate underwater scooter. Agile and powerful, the Mix Pro is the legacy of years of research and experience.

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With the same look, proud of the WhiteShark Mix design that has positioned Sublue as the world's No. 1 underwater scooter, the Sublue Mix Pro completes the range with the best possibilities. Two speeds available for a perfect integration according to the age or the utility of the moment, smartphone support for making superb souvenir videos or unforgettable selfies. A fast charger for prolonged pleasure at will without waiting and a sober and elegant design in two colours, white with Sublue logo and golden propeller grid or Black with Sublue logo and golden propeller grid. The floatter is always removable and you can always take your Sublue Mix Pro underwater scooter with you as carry-on luggage.  

Delivered with a quick charger for a total charge in 2h, the Mix Pro is able to carry you underwater for more than 40 to 60mn depending on the weight, with or without float and rest stop conditions. In continuous operation, the Mix Pro vour will glide for 30 minutes at a slow speed of 1.2 m/s and 20 minutes at a fast speed of more than 1.8 m/s, i.e. about 6.5 Km/h! As the float is always removable, the weight of the WhiteShark Mix Pro scooter without float and without battery is only 2.2 Kg, enough to carry it without hesitation in a suitcase as carry-on luggage. Its lithium battery of 122 Wh also allows you to be within the standards authorized by airlines for transport in the cabin.

The WhiteShark Mix Pro is delivered with : 

* Float 

* Quick charger

* Security cord 

* Waterproof support for smartphone