Navbow+ the most prestigious Sublue scooter, with new sensors that give you real-time information about your dive. Its safe design allows you to define a maximum depth of use. 

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Sublue listens to its customers and offers the Navbow+ to satisfy them. If the chassis and the motor remain the same, the NAVBOW+ underwater scooter is equipped with new sensors that will make your underwater dives safer. It is provided with the fast charger which will reduce the time of load of the battery of 50%.  Very practical if you use the scooter often, we recommend the purchase of a second battery to make the pleasure last. 

The big innovation is the depth sensor that will stop the scooter if you exceed the depth limit you set. For example, if you don't want your children to go down to less than 4m, you can program the scooter. The scooter will warn you and stop if the depth is exceeded.  It is sold to descend to 40m, the underwater thruster will also stop at this maximum depth as a safety measure for the users. 

The integrated compass indicates the course you are heading in, this is a very important option for freedivers and divers who are going to stay in the water for a longer period of time. 

All this information is displayed in real time on the Navbow+ OLED screen and you can also consult it after your dives on the SubluegO app available on the apple and google stores. Indeed, your trips will be recorded in the scooter and transmitted to the application at the first connection in bluetooth.

The Navbow+ electric underwater scooter allows you to descend to a depth of 40m, it can be driven with one hand and has 3 speeds (Free, Sport and Turbo). The autonomy of the propeller varies according to the chosen speed. The NAVBOW+ is equipped with a safety system that warns you when the battery level is low and that you have to return (you can also program this function). 

With the Navbow+ the whole family will be able to have fun during the vacations at the beach as well as on a boat. Its compact size and light weight allow you to take it anywhere. 

The Navbow+ comes with a carrying case in which you can carry all the accessories supplied with it: the battery charger, a 158 Wh battery, a safety leash, ballast weights. You will be able to add a second battery, a space is reserved in the case which protects well the propeller.

For the maintenance of the scooter we keep the same recipes that work: rinsing the scooter in fresh water after each use in sea water. With the app it's easy, just leave the scooter in a tub of water and launch the self-cleaning option and you're done.

The Explorer Kit is the ideal complement if you want to make beautiful photos and underwater videos. The kit includes the brand new Bluetooth H1 Sublue waterproof case that allows you to put your smartphone in a waterproof case up to 10 m . This allows you to effectively protect your phone and especially to make good quality aquatic videos. But to make beautiful photos you need light underwater and the kit includes two powerful LED lights to make photos and videos at night as well as in deep water. You have the possibility to orientate the lights and your camera as you like.

Width: 486mm

Length: 327mm

Height: 177mm

weight: 3,4 Kg (without battery) 

speed :

1m/s in standard speed 

1.5m/s in Sport speed

2m/s in Turbo speed

Autonomy : 

60 mn in standard speed (Free mode)

30 mn in Sport speed

8mn in Turbo speed + 15 mn Sport 

Lithium battery of 158 Wh (1.1 Kg) To carry in your hand luggage during a flight.

Delivered with :

- A carrying case 

- The fast charger 220v

- The 158 Wh battery,

- The safety cord

- The D-shaped diving transport loop 

- Counterweight support with 3 weights 

Options : 

- Underwater photography platform

- Explorer kit 

- Bluetooth Sublue H1 waterproof housing

- Dedicated waterproof backpack.