Best small underwater scooter for sea diving


Underwater scooter Sublue WhiteShark Mix

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The WhiteShark Mix scooter is the most compact and lightweight underwater scooter on the planet. Get off the beach or your boat and immerse yourself in the water. The scooter allows you to explore the seabed to a depth of up to 40 meters. While allowing you to perform pirouettes underwater. Having fun in the sea will never be the same again. Its crescendo speed, gives you the possibility to go to the adventure of creeks, tunnels or rocks without getting tired.

Moreover, it offers you the possibility to attach a Gopro to immortalize all your discoveries. The water scooter is suitable for the whole family whether children, women or men, you will be able to share your experience with the whole family.

Equipped with a float and a safety cord stay serene walking among the fishes. Easy to handle thanks to its handles let yourself be rocked by the current. 

Whether snorkeling or scuba diving, its use remains simple and a unique experience. Bring it wherever you want thanks to its small size, it fits in your suitcase for your vacations. You can choose its color, white, Aquablue or Spaceblue.

The WhiteShark Mix underwater scooter offers you the privilege of having fun underwater at any age.

Delivered with :

1 ° the float

2 ° the battery

3 ° the charging station

4 ° the security cordon

5 ° the transport bag