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Our underwater scooters

Discover our models of underwater scooters. Our marine thrusters benefit from many years of experience and innovation. Our scooters are designed for all publics and for all budgets. 

The Sublue underwater scooters have become the reference for scooters with two motors and two propellers.
The advantages are numerous compared to the old generation scooters which, although powerful, are also very bulky and heavy. The propellers that we offer are lighter and of compact size, therefore not very bulky and easy to carry by children, women and bigger guys. But be careful, the power to weight ratio is unbeatable as you can see on the different pictures and videos on the website.

Real sliding sensations.
The first thing that will strike you when you are at the controls of our aquatic machines is the speed that will provide you with sliding sensations never felt before. All swimmers and triathletes who have tested the sublue underwater scooters are surprised to move so fast without forcing. Freedivers and fin swimmers cover incredible distances without breathing. You don't have to go very deep to have fun, even though our products can go down to 40 meters.

Underwater Pool Scooter
The big advantage of the Sublue underwater scooter is that it is versatile. You can enjoy it like crazy in the pool. You don't need a big space to have fun. Create courses, do underwater tricks, drag yourself through the water and feel the glide. The advantage of riding a scooter in the pool is that the water is warmer and you won't have to rinse your scooter as long as you would after using it in salt water. When you're there you can charge the scooter's second battery (if you bought a second one) while you and the kids play in the water. 

Scooter for sea and scuba diving.


Swimming is healthy but tiring. The underwater scooter will make you go much faster in the water and without getting tired. It will allow you to go further under the surface and longer. Indeed, as it is the underwater scooter that makes the effort, you will not use up your energy and therefore your air and you will be able to go deeper and stay longer, so it is more practical to explore the sea bed. 

 Accessories to improve your dives.
Sublue offers many accessories for professional and amateur photographers and videographers. If all scooters are equipped with a bracket to attach an action and sports camera like a Gopro, in the water you'll need light to take better photos and videos. You have all the removable parts 

The 2021 models: two new models appear in the Sublue catalog. The whiteshark tini is a single engine underwater scooter that can be doubled for more power and fun, it is perfect for the family with its optional float. 

The Navbow+ is a technical evolution of the Navbow, the top of the line underwater scooter and reference in the field.  It keeps all the features of the Navbow and is equipped with sensors that make it perfect for scuba diving. The temperature sensor, the compass to know your direction and a depth gauge to measure the depth at which you are. This allows you to program the thruster and limit the depth at which users can use the scooter. All this information is saved by the scooter on every dive or snorkel session and you can retrieve it with your smartphone and share it on social networks.

Speaking of phones, Sublue has just released the H1 Sublue, which is a Bluetooth waterproof case for smartphones. This waterproof housing can go down to 10m and allows you to take beautiful photos and videos without investing in an additional camera. All the features of your camera are available thanks to the bluetooth control system.